School Closures 2/22/2023 
All early headstart and headstart schools will be closed due to the weather.

Office Closures 2/22/2023
The headstart main office will be closed due to weather.

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Greeley • Evans • La Salle • Milliken

710 11th Ave L90

Greeley, Colorado 80631

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No Cost Preschool for Qualified Families
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What is CEEN Head Start?

CEEN Head Start is a federally funded program serving eligible children in Weld County with preschool and family services at no cost to families.

Rural Communities

Colorado Early Education Network (CEEN) provides Head Start center-based services in Weld County, Colorado. Many of the communities served are small, rural, and separated by large distances.

Early Childhood Development

CEEN Head Start is a comprehensive program that focuses on early childhood development, health, nutrition, mental health, family partner- ships and works extensively with families and children with disabilities.

Parental Partnerships

CEEN Head Start considers parents an integral part of the total staff; we support them in their role as parents, and jointly develop goals for their children.

Our Centers

CEEN Head Start has a total of 10 Head Start and 2 Early Head Start centers located in Weld County; centers are located in Greeley, Evans, Milliken and La Salle. CEEN Head Start serves eligible children, 6 weeks-5 years of age, throughout Weld County.