Family Service Tech (Head Start/Early Head Start)

We are hiring a Family Service Tech Position

Title: Family Services Tech
Immediate Supervisor:
Site Eduction Manager


This is a 40 week; 40 hrs per week position. This position recruits, supports and assists families as they identify and meet their own goals through a center-based, family-oriented case management model for developing and carrying out the program Family Partnership Agreements. This position includes responsibility for all children’s files, enrollment/applications. This position must be able to maintain complete, current and accurate paperwork in each child’s central file and proficiently utilize a database software (such as Child Plus) to enter all data into an online database record in a timely manner, etc. This position also assists with the completion of the child health requirements and other required screenings and assessments. This position supports the Site Education Manager and may involve reassignment of caseloads and/or multiple center locations as deemed necessary for program operations. This position requires proficiency in the upkeep and entry of data into online and software-based systems, pulling monthly reports as required (or more often as needed) and for maintaining current and complete documentation of all assigned centers/classrooms.


Duties of the position are described in major functional areas listed below.  Additional duties may be assigned.


  1. Recruits prospective families and assists Site Education Manager with enrollment process.

Program Development and Planning

  1. Works with center staff to integrate family partnership goals with classroom efforts and to ensure integrated child and family curriculum.

Program Implementation

  1. Direct supervision of the children in the classroom setting is required at all times. At no time when children are present should any classroom teaching staff be in the office taking a break, making phone calls, checking emails or any other situation that may arise. Supervision of children is the priority.
  2. Responsible to initiate the Family Partnership Agreement and complete follow-up with families in achieving identified goals and referrals. Works cooperatively with local agencies to assist families to connect with services in the local community. Documents all follow-up in the child’s central file and in the Child Plus child’s record.
  3. Provides information about health, safety and family literacy activities to parents, as appropriate.
  4. Assists with child health screenings, educational screenings, and developmental screenings and child assessments.
  5. Develops a working knowledge of community resources by visiting major community agencies, at least once a year, to obtain service delivery updates currently available.
  6. Provide community resource updates to the Family Community/ERSEA Specialist as changes in services occur.
  7. Refers families for emergency or crisis assistance.
  8. Refers families to opportunities for continuing education, employment training and other employment services through formal or informal networks in the community. Documents all referrals in the child’s central file and in the Child Plus child’s record.
  9. Assists center staff to offer to parents; directly or through referral-assistance the following:
    1. training in basic child development;
    2. assistance in developing communication skills;
    3. opportunities to share experiences with other parents;
    4. home visitation; and
    5. any other activity designed to help parents become full partners in the education of their children.
  10. Provides each participating family, a family needs assessment that includes consultation with such parents about the benefits of parent involvement and about the activities in which parents may choose to participate.
  11. Informs custodial parents in single-parent families that participate in programs, activities or services about the availability of child support services for purposes of establishing paternity and acquiring child support and refers eligible parents to child support offices of State and local governments. Documents all parent contact information in the child’s central file and in Child Plus.
  12. Assists with parent education and other appropriate intervention, including opportunities for families to participate in counseling or to receive information on mental health, substance abuse, child abuse and neglect and domestic violence.
  13. Collaborate with and assist the FCP Manager to educate parents and families to support and advocate for their child’s learning and development as they transition to new learning environments, including the transition into Head Start, leaving Head Start to other early learning environments, and from Head Start to kindergarten.


  1. Understands, generates and documents In-kind and other allowable costs applied toward the non-federal share requirement. Monthly report will be turned in to the Site Education Manager.
  2. All parent contact events, referrals, follow-up, etc. will be documented both in the child’s central file and in the appropriate Child Plus child record.
  3. Document’s efforts to assist families in identifying their strengths, needs and self-sufficiency goals.
  4. Tracks family partnership efforts and outcomes. Document’s efforts to support parents in establishing strong community ties, such as finding a “medical home.”
  5. Records, monitors and completes follow up on referrals for support services for reporting requirements.
  6. Completes follow-up with families to determine whether the type, quality and timeliness of the services received through referral met the family’s expectations and circumstances.
  7. Provides data for the annual Program Information Report (PIR).


Examples of General Duties

  1. Carries out procedures for general office duties; for example, answering phones, keeping the Site Education Manager informed of parent and/or staff concerns, etc.
  2. Participates in in-service, workshops, conferences and college courses to enhance skills as required.
  3. Performs community outreach to encourage individuals previously unaffiliated with Head Start program to participate in its Head Start program as volunteers.
  4. Promotes parent involvement in the program as a classroom visitor, volunteer, employee, and/or participant in family events. (Parent Trainings, Transition meetings, Health fair, Literacy fair, etc.)
  5. Seeks community support with community agencies for families, by coordinating and advocating for services for families.
  6. Provides to parents outreach and information in a language that the parents can understand.
  7. Uses Child or other database software effectively and efficiently.
  8. Enters complete, current and accurate paperwork into each child’s central file and all data into the Child online record in a timely manner.
  9. Submits reports as needed and requested, such as monthly summary tracking reports, etc. per scheduled deadlines.
  10. Meets with parents and community members as appropriate.
  11. Becomes thoroughly familiar with CEEN Head Start Policies and Procedures and all other CEEN HS handbooks, manuals and resources and adheres to them.
  12. Attends all workshops and meetings as deemed necessary by the immediate supervisor.
  13. Attends all required staff and parent meetings and activities.
  14. Responsible for understanding Head Start Performance Standards and local child care licensing regulations.
  15. Expected to be knowledgeable of the regulations associated with prevention of occupational disease and injury, including the exercise of universal precautions and the prevention of contamination.
  16. Positively promotes Head Start in the community.
  17. Maintains strict confidentiality with respect to Head Start children, families and staff in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  18. FST with SEM I responsibility will be responsible for ensuing 30-minute child counts are completed daily by completing random child counts twice a day per session (one must be completed when the children come in from outdoor time). SEM must initial and ensure that are documented on the sign in and out sheets and they are accurately marked on the posted board in the classroom.

Immediate supervision means those employees the position assigns, directs and evaluates.

Positions Supervised:                                      None


The job description and the content area work plan serve as a guideline. Assistance is received from other agency staff as needed. Outside assistance can be received from other related resources. Head Start effectively uses the teamwork approach. All components are interwoven so as to better assist and support families.  The immediate supervisor is responsible for annual appraisals of this position.

Major internal and external contacts.

Internal                                                       External

See Organizational Chart                            Head Start Parents - daily

                                                                    Community Partners - as needed

                                                                    Social Service Agencies - as needed

                                                                    LEA(s) - as needed       

This section will describe the kinds and impact of decisions and commitments; the effects, influence and significance of these decisions; the consequence of error and the limitation of the finality of decision-making.

Decisions and commitments involving the family and community partnerships portion of the program are very important and affect the children and continued funding of the program. Following the guidelines and the regulations of the program are of the utmost importance to ensuring quality services for the children and families.  Family-centered practice is critical to the success of the program and to outcomes for children and families.


  1. Knowledge: Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of social work and human behavior. Knowledge of human development and health.  Knowledge of the social services and health services available in the area. Knowledge of computer data entry processes. Knowledge of family-centered practices. Knowledge of local resources, customs and language helpful.
  2. Abilities: Ability to know and implement the Head Start Performance Standards and requirements and policies of CEEN Head Start. Ability to exercise professional judgment in evaluating before making decisions. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, children, parents, outside agencies and the public. Ability to effectively and efficiently use computer for daily data entry functions. Ability to keep all information strictly confidential. Reliable transportation to get self to and from homes, agencies, Head Start and other locations.

Language Skills

  • Ability to communicate ideas and instructions orally and in writing.
  • Ability to speak, read and write English well enough to understand and be understood by others.
  • Ability to write reports and business correspondence.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general social services journals and technical procedures.
  • Ability to speak before groups of individuals, such as Parent Committees and staff meetings.
  • Bilingual highly preferred (English/Spanish or English and other languages present in the local area). Bilingual required in order to be assigned to a site/center where the Site Education Manager is not bilingual.

Mathematical Skills

  • Ability to calculate amounts by adding, subtracting, multiplying, subtracting, and figuring percentages.

Reasoning Skills

  • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions.
  • Ability to interpret an extensive variety of instructions.
  • Ability to summarize conclusions and instructions, then make recommendations and develop implementation strategies.
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality at all times, including the ability to recognize situations in which confidentiality is required.

Other Skills and Abilities

  • Competent and efficient computer skills.
  • Ability to exhibit patience and tact when communicating with children, families, staff, management, referral sources and the public.
  • Ability to project professionalism in conducting daily activities.

The minimum requirement at hire is a High School Diploma or GED with a minimum of two years of experience in a Social Work or Human Services or a related human services field, and a commitment to obtain a Family Development Credential within two years of date of hire. 

Requirements for employment with CEEN Head Start may be different than those required by the former grantee. If applicable federal, state or local Head Start or child care regulations, now or as amended in the future, contain additional requirements or qualifications for this position which are not specifically stated in this Job Description, the requirements and qualifications will apply, even if not specifically set forth in this Job Description.

Bilingual highly preferred (English/Spanish or English and other languages present in the local area). Bilingual required in order to be assigned to a site/center where the Site Manager is not bilingual. A clear criminal records check (including child abuse), successful completion of the Physical Aptitude screening and an initial health exam are required post job offer and prior to employment. Passing the post offer Physical Aptitude screening is a mandatory requirement for all individuals obtaining employment with CEEN.

Current and former Head Start parents will receive preference for employment vacancies for which they are qualified.


  1. Travel time to make contact with families and agencies is required.
  2. Travel by car, bus, airplane or train may also be required associated with attendance at conferences, meetings and other duties carried out at distant locations in and out of state and in some cases where some overnight travel may be required.
  3. May be required to lift up to 40 pounds.
  4. Some exposure to communicable diseases.
  5. Noise level in work environment may be moderate to loud.
  6. Some evenings and weekend work may occasionally be required for events such as home visits, parent teacher conferences, Parent Committee meetings, etc.
  7. The physical requirements of this position require your ability to perform the following general tests (as evaluated by CEEN’s post offer screening company):
  • Squat
  • half kneel
  • 10 lbs. overhead lift
  • 40 lbs. counter lift
  • Push/Pull 30 lbs.
  • 5 minutes of continuous walking
  • Cover 75 feet in 10 second


The requirements of your Job Description are important in providing services to children and families, and for keeping you, children and co-workers safe during the work day.  If you are unable to perform any of the functions required in your job description due to a disability, you are invited to direct any requests for accommodation to the Executive Director.



By signing, I agree to abide by the following Standards of Conduct as summarized from the Head Start Performance Standards 1302.90(c)(1)(i-v).

  1. I will implement positive strategies to support children’s well-being and prevent and address challenging behavior;
  2. I will not Maltreat or endanger the health or safety of children, including, at a minimum, that staff must not:
  • Use corporal punishment;
  • Use isolation to discipline a child;
  • Bind or tie a child to restrict movement or tape a child’s mouth;
  • Use or withhold food as a punishment or reward;
  • Use toilet learning/training methods that punish, demean, or humiliate a child;
  • Use any form of emotional abuse, including public or private humiliation, rejecting, terrorizing, extended ignoring, or corrupting a child;
  • Physically abuse a child;
  • Use any form of verbal abuse, including profane, sarcastic language, threats, or derogatory remarks about the child or child’s family; or,
  • Use physical activity or outdoor time as a punishment or reward;
  • Maltreatment of a child
  • Lack of supervision
  • Inappropriate Discipline or Inappropriate Isolation of a child.
  • I will respect and promote the unique identity of each child and family and do not stereotype on any basis, including gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or family composition;
  1. I will comply with program confidentiality policies concerning personally identifiable information about children, families, and other staff members in accordance with subpart C of part 1303 of this chapter and applicable federal, state, local, and tribal laws; and,
  2. I will never leave a child alone or unsupervised.


I understand that in addition to the above Standards of Conduct, there is a Code of Conduct: Confidentiality, Conflict of Interest, Guiding Principles and Professional Expectations contained in the CEEN Human Resources Policies and Procedures and that violation of any of these Policies and Procedures, Standards or Codes can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of my employment with the CEEN Program.





I have read and understand the above position description for the Family Service Tech position.  I assert that I am able to perform the essential job functions, meet the physical requirements of this position, and satisfy the expectation for regular attendance.

_________________________            _____________________________

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